How going to register keppo.my ?

Register URL: http://www.keppo.my/user/register
Login URL: http://www.keppo.my/user/login

What is keppo.my ?

Keppo.my is a program to gathering all Food and Beverage, allow you to discover all review, picture etc.

What is the benefit to signup as keppo’s member ?

1. As keppo’s member can enjoy with loyalty program and cash-back.
2. Non-keppo’s member they only can view with advertisement / Deal / promotion / Voucher.

How to collect candy ?

Keppo’s member collecting candy by “like, rating, share, upload retailer picture, retailer promo code”
Per days max only can collect 50 candies.

How to search retailer ?

You can search information on search bar, search state or click on category to find out more retailer.

How to follow user and retailer ?

Keppo’s member can visit retailer profile or user’s by click “follow”, and also retailer can follow back “user profile”.

How to redemption on candy ?

You must accumulate the candies match with retailer request candies, keppo’s member only can successful redeem from retailer.

How to use on voucher ?

Keppo’s member have to print or present with “Voucher No (example: ZES2016020161171 )

How to collect cash ?

1. Keppo’s member redeem per voucher = RM0.01.
2. Keppo’s member have they own promo code, you can use promo code to share with friends and family member to allow them use your promo code 1 promo code = RM0.50

How to withdraw cash ?

Keppo’s member have to accumulate minimum RM50, and click the “Payout” button at payment balance

How to show promo-code ?

Promo code shown on each user dashboard profile “top right” or my account -> promo code.

Where to key promo-code ?

Keppo’s member have to login on my account -> promo code

Where to see review ?

Keppo’s member or non-member they can read up retailer reviews, review always show on pictures.

What is benefit on rating ?

We allow keppo’s member to take retailer different by rating 1 start = bad, 5 start = excellent.

What is benefit on like ?

We allow keppo’s member to “like” if you feel the picture are attractive, nice, beautiful, lovely.

How to share ?

Keppo’s member can click button on “Facebook share” or direct copy URL to any social network.

How to comment ?

We allow Keppo’s member to comment with real story.

How to change password ?

Login -> my account -> change password -> currently password & new password

Where to change profile information ?

Login -> my account -> profile

How to check balance ?

Login -> my account -> balance

What is dashboard?

Dashboard is show your profile interface and information.

What album can do?

We allow keppo’s member to make they own album, they can create album and keep with sweet memory, food album and etc.

For further more enquiry email: [email protected] or http://keppo.my/contact-us